Surrender, release, and leave renewed with this restorative yoga practice combined with the healing energy of Reiki. Both of these practices help reset and restore the nervous system so that we can enter into a deep state of relaxation, repair, and peace. This class is accessible for all levels!

My name is Caroline Woolard. I am a Reiki Master and nutrition nerd who is passionate about helping others discover their ability to heal from within. My goal is to help you nourish the mind, body, and spirit to create strength & resilience in your life through self-care and self-compassion.

I also help those who have anxiety and discontent about food and their body find acceptance, peace, and freedom.After trying all the nutrition and supplement hacks I could possibly manage to learn, I finally came to the realization that healing is so much more than just the “perfect” diet and includes the integration of so much more, especially our mental and emotional well-being. I originally began my Reiki certified training to assist in the healing process of my own health challenges such as anxiety, depression, hormone imbalances, autoimmune disease, and disordered eating. After experiencing powerful healing transformation in my own life through stress reduction techniques and emotional release I decided to become a Certified Reiki Practitioner, Eating Psychology Coach, and Registered Yoga Teacher so that I may share these gifts with others, helping them transform from a state of fear back to a centered place of peace and love.



Raja Yoga in Sanskrit is known as Royal Yoga because it is the classic yoga path to attaining the state of union with our true nature which is Light or Divine, through body-mind-spirit systematic approach. The class offers gentle opening movements to awaken and loosen tension and stress in the body, postures (Asanas), breathwork (Pranayama), and Meditation (Dhyana.) This is a great class for beginners and all levels as there are offerings to deepen into your own level of practice (Sadhana.) There will be a deep relaxation period at end of movement (Yoga Nidra) which allows the body, mind, and spirit to digest and integrate the yogic experience. Being a devoted practitioner of Yoga, Light, and the Healing Arts, Danielle may offer wisdom from the great Saints and Sages of all traditions and opportunities to chant Universal sacred sounds (mantras.)

Danielle is a deeply devoted Bhakti yogi and Mystic who is in love with the Divine and the Divine’s expression through and as her very Self. Each moment is an opportunity to listen and Be in the Silence; that sweet place where Truth, Consciousness, Joy, Peace, and the Grace of God exist. She humbly bows to these moments as they offer great wisdom and medicine in supporting the awakening of our True Self. As Swami Vivekananda said, “Each soul is potentially Divine.” She walks and lives in the Light of this Truth. Her greatest calling and desire is to support others in remembering their true identity and to help end suffering in ourselves and in the world.

As a result of a motor vehicle accident in 1994, she became keenly aware of the importance of internal balance and harmony.  It was through the healing arts of massage, and body-mind awareness practices such as yoga, tai chi, and qigong that began her life-long spiritual journey of waking up. In 1998, she received her license in Massage Therapy and continues to offer services at her private practice in downtown Asheville. In 2000, she was certified as a yoga instructor through Frog Pond Yoga in Massachusetts and Swami Vivekananda Yoga Ashram in Bangalore, India, as well as being graced to sit at the feet of her Guru, Dr. VS Rao for over 9 years before he took MahaSamadhi (left his body].

Danielle’s intention as a teacher is to support and allow  what is showing up in our body, mind, and experience personally and collectively, and to honor the process of transformation as it occurs occur naturally rather than attempting to force a result. She has adopted her Guru’s teaching style -  the ancient tradition of Raja yoga - simple yoga class structured with gentle opening movements, yogic breath and postures, and meditation fit for beginners and all levels. In addition, her classes are imbued with the Sacred through Pure Knowledge (wisdom and teachings of Saints and Sages of ALL traditions), prayers/chants to invoke Light and Love within.

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Nikolina Adzic is a 500 Hour Registered Yoga Teacher and reiki practitioner. Both her yoga and reiki certifications were completed in Rishikesh, India. As someone who has always honored sacredness, tradition and originality, she sought out a traditional Hatha based school with concentration on alignment and understanding yoga beyond the practice of asana. Her yogic journey has been one of exploration and transformation, and the yogic lifestyle encompasses her life both on and off the mat. She likes to explore different styles of yoga and experience this sacred practice in all its forms. She strives to incorporate spirituality, mindfulness and body-mind connection in her own practice as well as the practice of her students.

She hopes that with her love and passion for mindful movement, intuition and energetic work, she will be able to guide others toward better self-awareness and self-acceptance. Her aim is that through the practice of yoga, we all learn a little more compassion, patience and understanding for our own selves and for the world around us.

Coincidentally while in India reiki found its way back into her life. Her first experience with reiki however was in Chile, while she was backpacking though the continent of South America and something compelled her to set out for the outskirts of Elqui Valley to find a reiki practitioner. Instantly she knew that there was something very peculiar about this energy work and that it was worth pursuing.

She first studied with reiki master Shanti, one of Osho’s (Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh) followers who taught and reassured her to access her own intuition and trust the process. Her second level was completed with reiki master, Parveen, in Reiki School India. Here she elaborated on best techniques and practices to share this beautiful energetic healing in the most effective way. Since a young age, Nikolina has always intensely felt energy around her. When spirituality started to encompass her life completely, she found acceptance and explanations to what she always knew was present. As Nikola Tesla said, “if you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” The feedback she receives about the extraordinary experiences people feel, feeds her, motivates her, and gives her energy and strength to keep sharing this beautiful healing technique.

Nikolina is Sagittarius by sign and this fire element describes her well. She is a happy and positive person who has travelled to over 70 countries. She thrives when immersed in nature, is deeply connected to energetic work and the practice of yoga, and can also often be found free form dancing. After five years of full time travel, Nikolina has found contentment in her new home in Asheville. However, she will always have a wandering soul.


One Person Sessions:

60 minutes - $55
90 minutes - $70
4 (60 min sessions) - $200
Two Person Sessions:
60 minutes - $90
90 minutes - $120
4 (60 min sessions) - $350  

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Steven is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher based in Asheville, NC. He believes that through the path of Kundalini Yoga we are able to dissolve subconscious blockages and conquer our imagined disabilities so we can liberate lifetimes of Karma to align with our highest destiny.

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is the Yoga of awareness. Often referred to as a science of angles, it is a sacred path to the uncoiling of your consciousness and your full potential through the science of postures, meridian point activation, mantra and breath. Steven’s big focus on teaching are the pattern and habit shifting aspects of the practice. Steven chooses sets that range anywhere easy to challenging, but the class remains an all levels class as Steven wants Kundalini Yoga to be accessible to every body.