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Mantra Coil Sound Circle


SIT IN CIRCLE with focused intention amplified through the sound of Tibetan Bowls, Bells, Tingshas and Tuning Forks simultaneously with the Light Stream Mantra Coil. Activating sound frequencies is an ancient practice that has been used around the world for thousands of years and will be orchestrated by Desiree DeMars with a customized play list of frequencies.

Energetically sound can be intended for centering, grounding and expanding your conscious awareness by infusing the body’s energy field, nervous system and organs with vibrations of relaxation and harmonization with our environment. The Mantra Coil allows the use of both David Sereda’s Quantum Frequencies and Rife Frequencies for the maximum benefits of pulsed electromagnetic field activation.

PEMF, or Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields, are beneficial and safe EMF energy fields used to improve circulation, cell metabolism, and ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) production, among others. It mimics energy fields that occur naturally. Since electromagnetic energy dictates your body’s chemistry, PEMF therapy is able to permeate through your entire body, allowing for a stream of beneficial effects, such as repair of damaged tissues and bone, relieving injury-related pain, and increased organ function.
PEMF opens the cell to release waste products and more readily absorb vitamins, minerals and oxygen. Thus the cell stays healthy, has increased function and promotes self-regeneration. This supports a longer, healthier and more vital life through increased cell regeneration. PLEASE HYDRATE BEFORE AND AFTER COMING TO THE CIRCLE!

DESIREE DEMARS has been an artist, spiritual pioneer, holistic health and shamanic practitioner for over 25 years. She traveled the world to explore and study with native shamans including Sandra Ingerman and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.
She is a certified Light Stream Technology Practitioner and is currently preparing for upcoming trainings in BioGeometry. The ancient technique of encaustic painting and creating sacred tools is her personal passion. Through many diverse technologies, both old and new, she is honored to be of service to those on their healing journey.

Studio contact:
Violet Owl Wellness
62 Walll Street, Downtown Asheville, NC
phone: 828.785.3041

For more info about the creator, David Sereda, and the science behind this technology please visit:

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