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Soma Breathwork Series

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Thousands of years ago, ancient Rishis used Soma, a plant medicine mentioned over 50,000 times in the Vedic scriptures, to achieve heightened states of consciousness. Later on, they experimented with breath (pranayama) to achieve these states naturally.

Today, we combine these scientifically proven ancient breath practices with rhythmic music to relieve stress and anxiety, awaken creativity and unlock your full human potential and we call that SOMA Breath.

Tim Kerley started his journey in wellness and helping people reach their physical potential as a NETA Certified Personal Trainer. Expanding on his strengths and passions, following his heart and his desire to help people be all they can be, he is now a Certified SOMA Breath Instructor and leads group sessions, customized online sessions, workshops and events.

In this four workshop series we will cover topics as follows:

1. Introduction to SOMA Breath, its benefits, how to practice and answer participant questions. We will do an introductory breath session with two rounds of breathing.

2. Stress relief. Learn to release tension from your entire body and relax your mind in this longer, three-round breathing session.

3. Exploring Compassion. Developing compassion for one’s self, community and the planet in this three-round breathing session.

4. Manifesting. In the crescendo of this series, you’ll learn how to write your own future and manifest your intentions. You may want to bring a notebook!

4 week series:
July 15, July 29, August 12, August 26
7pm - 8pm

Series: $40
Drop in: $15 per class


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