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Divine Metamorphose Technique

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Divine Metamorphose Technique℠ (or "DMT") is a modern name for a very ancient healing technology. DMT℠ is first and foremost a core method, designed to support your process of reawakening to your Inner Divine. From this essential training, a solid, unshakable foundation is created, by which all healing can occur. All Healing is "Self-Healing." In this intimate class, we recognize the value in remembering what the "Self" really is, and what it's truly capable of. Healing is a Divinely Generated experience, that requires our full presence, acceptance and surrender. This powerful technique, emphasizes the importance of "embodiment", as a tool for Universal Awakening. The only way to effectively support others in their healing journey, is by first honoring your Temple and Divine Nature.

The experience of this modality is something as old as biological life. Gather in a safe group container, as we learn how to invite the gentle process of cellular opening, unwinding and awakening. Through this workshop, Aurora explains the vivid magick of the fascial system, (or connective tissue) and guides the group through a journey of release, remembrance and renewal. Discover what the "light body" really is, and how we can nurture and activate it through gentle, intentional ceremony. Experience the lasting, harmonizing effects of this Divinely Guided self-care technique! Add a treasure to your self-love rituals, that goes far beyond the physical body.

Wear comfy clothes, and bring a lunch/snack and an open heart!

The acronym "DMT" happens to be a very fitting title for this modality. No, we are not referring to any external substance, but rather, the body's natural chemistry. DMT (or Dimethyltryptamine) is a natural alkaloid, released from the pineal gland, that acts as a neurotransmitter, as well as performing many other biological functions. DMT is found in plants and other animals as well. Some have referred to it is "The Spirit Molecule"; a medium through which the Divine is able to commune directly with us. During our dreamtime, or moments of powerful visionary experiences, DMT has been found to be present. This powerful modality is known to activate the pineal and pituitary glands, as well as other parts of the brain. As fascial openings occur, surges of electricity activate dormant parts of our DNA, ancient memories and the living light body.

∞Early registration: $250

After 6/23/19: $275∞

Now offering an introductory rate, for my AVL soul-family, before I take this out to larger venues. As I mention, this is very dear to me, and I really want to make it accessible!

*Module 1 is a full 6 hour day. In this class, we begin to lay the groundwork for self-alchemy and personal transformation. It will include hands-on experience, videos, a thumb drive (with class info & music) and a certificate of completion.
*Space is limited.

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About Aurora:
Aurora is a conscious musician, vocal alchemist, sacred sound healer and channel. With a life-long sensitivity to energy and the other realms, she naturally gravitated toward the healing arts. In 2007, she founded a healing and training center for subtle-energy practices and vibrational medicine techniques. She is a master essential oil alchemist, practices many modalities of massage and bodywork, and practices/teaches advanced energy-work techniques. Aurora also practices QHHT® (a hypnosis technique developed by Dolores Cannon), and Introspective Hypnosis®. (a hypnosis technique taught by Antonio Sangio and Alba Weinman.) With her unique education and personal practices, she has developed a technique, called “Sonoluminous Divine Entrainment.” Aurora is also a writer, speaker, mama-of-two, and an advocate for organic/high-vibe, intuitive living and Spirit-directed pregnancy and birth. It is Aurora’s commitment to align with the inner Divine, to support herself and others in becoming the most tuned-in, radiant versions of themselves… awakened to the reality of Heaven on Earth.

Visit the website for more info!

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Please feel free to ask questions, or message Aurora for more details! This event will be held at Violet Owl Wellness. I can't wait to share with you all!! ♥

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