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Living Tea Ritual

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Sitting with Living Tea offers the gift of being in one’s Heart. The ritual of serving Tea is an ancient practice.
Living Tea allows a space to open within us, so that one may cultivate a connection with our True Selves.
The silence offers one the opportunity to truly listen to the Heart, to settle ones thoughts and simply be in the moment.

Within the two hours we will journey together in silence for at least the first three cups to ground the collective energy and be still.
As the tea begins to integrate with the body, one will feel into what the Tea has to communicate. This can be a profound moment of “aha”, a realization to a decision one was pondering , or a reflection of what one could focus one’s energy on or possibly the joy of simply being alive. The experiences are various and the level of magnitude is different for all. One is encouraged to set an intention for the experience and then let the Spirit of the Tea reveal what She has to share.

Oracle cards will be chosen for each person and a sharing and/or reading will be offered.
If time allots we can discuss in further depth the meaning of the cards and one’s receptivity and resonation with them.

There will be an alter set to honor the Directions and the Elements, if you like, please bring an item (a photograph, a stone, a piece of jewelry, a gift from Nature, or what calls you) to be charged on the alter throughout the ritual.

Please join me in this Sacred ritual with Living Tea in celebration of our relationship to Nature. As one allows themselves to be guided by Nature, one’s life begins to flow like the waters of the Earth, without restriction. When one enters a moment of meditation & opens to the internal wisdom of the infinite, miracles ensue.

The leaves used in this ritual are extremely unique in that they are all organic and come from, wild, old growth trees (these trees are hundreds and sometimes thousands of years old) that are sustainably grown and harvested by farmers who love, respect, and understand the power of this medicine.

“If you think about a tree that’s 100 or 500 or 1,000 years old, it’s been gathering and concentrating a profound accumulation of chi – or energy –from the sun, the moon, the stars, the birdsong, the plants, and all the animals it’s encountered over that time. The roots of a Living Tea tree can grow up to 100 meters deep, so they’re pulling up trace minerals and phytonutrients that we don’t get in our regular diet – that most plants we consume don’t have. Then we process it in a certain way and bring it back to life with fire and water. It’s alchemy.” - from Living Tea founder Colin Hudon

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Thursday, May 30th @ 6pm - 8pm

Meet Joy:

Namaste. My life has been full with many experiences and lessons offered from people and situations from all over the world. I lived and worked in NYC for 15 years and one day I went to Peru on a Hero’s Journey disguised as a yoga retreat and had a massive awakening to life.
I quit my career as an Interior Designer and traveled outside the US for 2 years and then within for 4 more. I opened myself up to situations and experiences I did not even know existed. I spent two months at a community in Costa Rica called Pachamama to shed myself and start to discover my True Self. I went to Guatemala and learned that my dreams held messages and could help me in my waking life. I raised $20,000 and went with Off the Mat into the World organization to bare witness to girls who had been trafficked into sex slavery. I continued on all over Southeast Asia and beyond, meeting people from all over the world & discovering new ways of experiencing life and love.

I was introduced to Living Tea by a dear Sister that I met in Peru on the Hero’s Journey. I was surprised by the potency of the response I felt in my body and mind from drinking the Living Tea. I am ever grateful for this first cup and offering of service. It is a service of love, not of obligation or otherwise. It is a sharing of a magical sort. Having returned' to the US, I experienced reverse culture shock…here I thought: yippppeee, everything I missed at my fingers tips, this is not how I responded when I arrived in NYC. My settling in was unsettling. I then sat with Living Tea every morning for 2 months. My life began to balance again and I started to see clarity in the bigger picture.

In my heart, I desire every being to discover their Soul's mission and I am awakening to the belief that my Soul's mission is to be present in loving awareness. I have been working on myself for years and with the work, I kept feeling one day I would be able to be strong enough to hold the light as I desired. At times, I have done so, for many friends, family, strangers, and gentle beings. My realization today is helping me remember, I do not have to do anything. Just be the gift. No ego. Years ago I read the passage “how can I help, how can I heal, how can I serve” I did not understand how I could do these things without significant training. Now I realize, my Soul, my Being know what to do. I just need to get out of my head and allow the light and love in my heart to lead.

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