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Cosmic Animal Painting Workshop


Cosmic Animal Painting Workshop - Join us for this creative animal journey!

We will start by sinking into a group meditation where Tanya will guide us through her lucid dreaming journey meditation style to meet with the animals we have chosen to paint. We will emerge from the meditation ready to engage in a creative dance with our Yin & Yang energies. First, we organize and prepare the paper to receive the animal energy by selecting and sketching an animal (Yang). Then diving into our Yin energy by intuitively selecting watercolors to paint, express, and flow within the animal-shaped containers. Each of us creating a galaxy style cosmic animal painting using watercolors.

No art experience is needed! This process is about more than producing a beautiful piece of art. It’s about practicing being in the present flow with paint, intention, and acceptance as we channel feelings, energy, and wisdom into a visual manifestation.

All supplies are provided. It’s extremely helpful when people pre-register so we know how much supplies to prepare for. Walk-ins are welcome. And… anyone who pre-registers gets a free cosmic animal gift!

“As an artist, writer & intuitive seer, I strive to create beauty to inspire others to feel more connected to themselves, nature, and each other. I want to help others live from a more authentic place and to create their own meaning. I love to study animals and draw wisdom from the way they move through our world to improve the way I engage with humanity. I’m interested in the tension that’s created when we dance with what WE want to happen VS what actually WANTS to happen. As I paint, I play with this balance by creating an animal container for water, color, and energy to flow in. Then I bring these skills forth to practice in my everyday life. I offer my art as a source of inspiration to help you connect with nature. Leading you to discover and listen to your own intuition, which encourages you to express your unique gifts to the world. Let your intuition speak through your imagination!” - Tanya Casteel

More examples of Tanya’s cosmic animal paintings & symbolic animal writing:  

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