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Tarot with Bobbi


Are interested in taking your career to the next level?

Are you looking to help align yourself to your soul purpose?

Would you like to understand deeper meanings of your relationships?
Are you ready for the future?

Please stop by or make an appointment.

People have been receiving divination through Tarot since 1407.The major arcana cards have been used since Egyptian times. The casting of cards ,archetypes and story have helped us understand ourselves for thousands of years. Tarot readings can be very inspirational ,transformative and empowering. Over the past 20 years the Tarot has become a popular and fun way to go deeper into self learning, self love problem solving and creative thinking in business.

What to expect in a reading?

You can ask a question. Usually people ask about relationships, job, finances or life purpose. You can also be open and just see what the cards have to say to you.

For each reading there is a 10 minute minimum. You can get a lot of info and go deep if you do a reading between 15 and 30 minutes.

During your reading you can record the reading if you like and take a photo of the cards the reader has chosen for you.

Most people in general use a tarot reading to go deeper into self awareness and spiritual growth. It may affirm what you already know. A tarot reading can help to guide you to practical life solutions.

After the reading you can tip the reader if you feel it was really helpful. You can sign up for a deeper reading at another date.

**$2.50 a minute with 10 minute minimum - $25 to start

Readings for groups

The reader will then choose a card for you and give you a 5 to 10 minute reading depending on the size of the group.At least 5 at a time can work out nicely . If it’s a larger group you might want to split the group up into 2 or 3 groups. If you book a head of time it will secure your group.

Bobbi Williams

Bobbi is an interdisciplinary global artist, healer and medium . Williams has an MFA in Acting and playwriting From Carnegie Mellon University and Moscow Art Theater. Bobbi is a graduate of the Academy of Natural Healing in New York City. Bobbi has been a healing practitioner for the past 18 years. Williams is a Yogini (one who practices yoga everyday). She has practiced yoga everyday for the past 28 years. She also has practiced meditation for 41 years. Bobbi is a practitioner and teacher of Reiki, yoga, Body Evolution, acupressure, color therapy, tantra,polarity therapy, shamanism, acting, art, directing, playwriting, dance, meditation, spiritual and emotional counseling,business,creative dreaming,authentic movement, Goddess empowerment and psychic development. Williams is a Certified Fairyologist. Bobbi's gift of mediumship was passed down to her from her mother Vivian. Bobbi has been a reading the tarot for 17 years. Besides her Bobbi’s Interest include: environmentalism, sustainability, entrepreneurism, gardening, wild walking, urban foraging, crystals, dance therapy, sound therapy, and DJing.