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RootCoreCrown Dance

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Part ecstatic dance. Part guided movement meditation. All fire and wonder.

The RootCoreCrown Dance will be offering monthly journeys to our depths.We will dance. We will move. We will become more of our Selves than ever before.RootCoreCrown is a powerful healing experience. It is part ecstatic dance, part guided moving meditation...all fire and wonder.RootCoreCrown is part ecstatic dance, part moving meditation...all fire and wonder.

*****Root -Our past, our stories, our nourishment.******
*****Core - Our present, our patterns, our growth******
******Crown - Our future, our vision, our connection.*****

The dance is freeform (you get to move and boogie down any way you please). The Inner experience is expertly guided so that you get to dive deep into your being. Through this work, your own wisdom and power are illuminated. You get the answers you desire and the freedom you crave. No experience is necessary.

The RootCoreCrown Dance Experience helps you connect to your inner knowing. It helps you get the answers you are searching for.

Helps you listen to the brilliance of your being, clear away the stuckness and embody your majesty.

The music is curated to help us connect to each element.

And throughout the experience, you will be invited to move, think & express in ways that offer opportunities to shift out of what what and into who you have always been.

In this month's dance, we will explore stuckness and freedom. We will explore the spaces we feel stuck in. The dance will be an experience of breaking free, as we receive the space and the answers that we desire.

RootCoreCrown facilitates an experience where you get to release the blocks that have been holding you back.

Who am I?

Iā€™m Jo Anna Dane. I hold a MA in Counseling Psychology with a focus in Spiritual Psychology. I also have an extensive background in bodywork and found my way to ecstatic dance when I moved to Asheville, almost 6 years ago.

As a healer, guide & coach, I believe we are here to have an amazing human experience. I work with amazing people end the war in their being by guiding them on a process of healing Root to Core to Crown.I am beyond thrilled to bring my work to the arena of movement and dance.