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Spring Stone Mandala Painting

Evoke Emotion Photograpy | Kristi Knupp

Evoke Emotion Photograpy | Kristi Knupp


This is a unique experience, sound journey, meditation, and tool for healing, using the powerful properties of the Mandala !

Mandalas have a long, beautiful history and are recognized for their deep spiritual meaning. They are a representation of our inner reflection.

The process of creating our Mandalas offers us self-healing, self-expression, and self-exploration. Your feelings and instincts guide you through this creative process. The very nature of creating a Mandala, it's healing geometric designs, combined with a Sacred Meditation is both therapeutic and symbolic. This journey is a personal, meaningful and relaxing experience.

We supply all sharpies, markers, and mandalas designs on stones along with sound healing. Pick which ever stone calls to you, and add your own choice of colors to the symmetrical beauty and intricate patterns. You may take your finished Mandala for your own personal future meditations. This is a great way for people of all ages to relate to one another through the simple act of coloring. Parents, children and all are welcome!!!

This class will be led by Nathan Mansfield ♥
Join us for a unique experience that truly all can enjoy. Let your inner child color once again!

Nathan Mansfield

Suggested Donation $10-$20

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Later Event: March 23
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