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Chakra Anatomy Series

Chakra Anatomy Series

"A three week class series designed to dive into the energetic centers of our bodies and develop a clear foundation of understanding the chakra system in relationship with our mind, body, and soul.

Learning to navigate this journey of life and our unique expression is woven into many factors of self discovery. One of those elements is held within the pathway of the chakra system. This series intention is to create a comprehension experience of the chakra system and how these energy centers influence our physiology, psychology, creative expression, spiritual orientation, and relationship to all of life.

With an open mind and open heart, we will journey learn and grow together through the layers of the self, using the chakras as a map to relate to the many layers of who you are. "


Grace Loughman

Instagram: @sacreddancers

Wednesdays 3/13 - 4/3
7pm - 8:15pm

Drop in - $15