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Journey of the Heart Cacao Circle

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Pristine wintertime is calling us to gather into circle and open the hearts to be seen in our essential authenticity. This cacao facilitated circle is guiding us to dance on the edge of creation and deep-dive with the subtle equilibrium of inner masculine and feminine, light and dark, sound and silence, movement and stillness... See what you find in the center.

This cacao, known also as pure chocolate, comes directly from Guatemala, magical lake Atitlán, that is considered as one of the most powerful energetic acupuncture points of the Earth. By joining the circle, you help local farmers and cacao community in Guatemala to receive back and thrive!

A warm drink of 100% cacao facilitates a heart opening experience releasing natural endorphins and neurotransmitters responsible for the sensation of love in body. This heart opening elixir helps one to tune into the true essence of Oneself and bring focus into what needs healing and care the most at the time. This circle will create a container for enhanced creativity, movement, breathwork, sound exploration and journeying, energetic activation, pair and group connection, togetherness and sharing. By gathering together we can cultivate more energy to allow our hearts to expand, to be seen in our authenticity, stand tall in our center and uplift the world around us.

Sliding scale: $35-55

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Michael Thomas Parisi is a devotee to the path of awakening and being a living embodiment of universal love. He stewards the role of a transformational guide, teacher and healer, allowing divine intelligence to flow through him as a clear channel, always attuned to the highest benefit possible. Throughout all of his work, Michael transmits a field of pure frequencies from a space of unconditional presence, creating an environment conducive to radical shifts and awakened consciousness. He specializes in supporting others in awakening to the true, all-pervading Self and embodying their infinite creative potential.

Sanni Shukraya Pääkkönen shares her unconditional and loving service through holistic movement, meditation, energy- and bodywork. As a world traveler and devoted yogini she walks the path of embodied self-realization, elemental initiations, purification techniques, rituals and ceremony. Through her work and practice, Sanni embraces abundant belonging to Nature and holds space for empowerment of individuals and local communities to embody their true essence. She facilitates yoga teacher trainings at the Kula Collective, and offers retreats and Reiki energy healing trainings. She has been blessed to study the medicine of Cacao in Central-America, Peru and Bali with devoted teachers and local communities, and holds heartfelt inspiration to share its wisdom.

Michael and Sanni share a sacred union rooted in unconditional love and devotion to embodiment. Both being completely committed to the path of awakening, they are naturally inclined to be of the greatest service they can be. This commitment accompanied by their relational synergy creates an alchemical container where deep, core-level healing and awakening to one’s true Self can be experienced in a safe space of love and nurturing embrace.

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