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Yoga Energetics: 3 Week Series

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Yoga Energetics 3 - week series

Thursdays at 6.45-8.45pm 

Feb 14th - 28th

This series is for anyone who wishes to deep-dive into energetic yoga alignment and tune personal practice to touch the finest details of body-mind-spirit compound. Whether you are an experienced yogi or just getting into the yoga beyond physical postures, this series creates space for enhancing pranic flow into its fullest potential, re-centering into pure alignment and bringing awareness into what needs attention the most in your unique holistic being. Each 2- hour class offers an opportunity to explore different aspects of yoga energetics through yoga asanas, somatic exercises and movement, breathwork and meditative inquiry of deeper body wisdom. These practices bring an ordinary practice alive in exciting way allowing higher states of consciousness be embodied even stronger.

Thursday Feb 14: Five Prana Vayus & Pranayama
Prana, Apana, Samana, Udana and Vyana describe the five movements or energetic qualities of prana or life force in body. They govern different body areas carrying out specific aspects of pranic functions affecting in physical mental, emotional and spiritual levels. The more awareness there is about these vital forces in play, the more we can direct and cultivate the life force creating more healthy and empowered version of ourselves. It is a choice to become a true guru of one’s own body.

With pranic awareness, the most beneficial thing that one can do for own health and internal happiness is learning to breathe well. Prana- yama (to control life force) or prana-ayama (to extend/expand life force). Wherever the original root of the word is the message is the same – free flow of energy and its healthy cultivation is essential to attain an optimal state of wellbeing. In this class we explore deep pranayama practices that re-align the functions and collaboration of primary and secondary breathing muscles, break poor breathing patterns and bring the awareness of them into the yoga postures. These practices offer a gift of balancing the natural energetic circuits of body (vayus), creating strength and safety in postures, empowering one to stay grounded in own center in any situation and expanding the connection with limitless source of pure life force. No matter how long we have practiced yoga, breath is always one of the greatest teachers and we can always go deeper into its teachings!


Thursday Feb 21: Bandhas & Mudra
Bandhas or energetic “locks” are one of the most essential parts of yoga practice. Using them effectively in practice, they create support and safety for spine in any posture, re-centers and stabilizes both bodily posture and mind, and make solid arm balances possible! In this class we will explore Mula (root), Uddiyana (belly), Jalandhara (throat) and Jiva (tongue) bandhas as well as energetic locks of the feet (pada bandha) and hands (hasta bandha).

Mudras or “seals”/ “gestures” used in yoga and meditation practice create energetic circuits that stimulate the brain to transmit and channel energy flow. In other words, it amplifies the effect of the practice. Just like bandhas, mudras can both cultivate the energy and unlock the greater flows of energy leading into stronger experience of vitality and wholeness. In this class, we begin with few essential hand mudras and move into exploration of full body mudras in yoga postures.


Thursday Feb 28: Chakras
Chakras or energetic “wheels” offer us a miraculous map into the anatomy of the spirit. In this class we tune into these energetic centers and listen the subtle details of their bodily functions. Through somatic exercises, yoga asanas, mediation and sound you can locate the center that needs your attention the most and access your own bodily wisdom to harmonize and balance its flow.

About facilitator:

Sanni shares her loving service through holistic movement, meditation and energy work. Born and raised in Finland as a Waldorf child, she has a deep connection with nature and a heartfelt passion to live in a greater harmony with the web of life. As a world traveler and devoted yogini Sanni has a deep practice of yoga (E-RYT 500), meditation, energy- and bodywork, cleansing techniques, core-shamanism and intuitive dance. She is a student of elemental initiations, rituals and ceremony allowing the deeper wisdom and pure intelligence of one's True Nature to unfold. She holds space for internal and external transformation at retreats, facilitates Yoga Teacher Trainings at the Kula Collective and works with several projects to empower local communities in different countries.


For Sanni, Yoga practice translates into all- inclusive Self-inquiry and a way to cultivate a pure discernment to face the challenges and gifts of life with authenticity and inner trust. On the classes & workshops she shares one can dig deep, experience creative asana and alignment exploration, pranayama (breathwork), mantra (voice activation) as well as emotional & mental clearing and empowerment. The practice embraces embodiment of yoga philosophy on-and-off-the-mat, awareness about the yoga energetics and natural elemental movement guiding us to hold space for simple joys and deeper meditative reflections on daily life.


“With all my heart, I welcome you to share the practice with me and allow the ancient, yet so present wisdom of yoga to flow through for the highest benefit of all.”


Drop In: $12- 20

Full Series: $33

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