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Elemental Chakra Awakening- A six-week series with Sanni Shukraya

  • Violet Owl Wellness 62 Wall Street Asheville, NC, 28801 United States (map)

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.” –Albert Einstein

This series will guide us to clear, activate and connect with the main chakras or energetic centers of the body creating space to understand yoga deeper as a holistic medicine. We will explore the energetic yoga alignment, connect with the lines and centers of energy and clear the pranic flow in body-mind-spirit compound. The series is an infusion of asana or other movement, meditation, mudras, breathwork, voice activation, journaling, pair exercises and techniques to help us to access the unconscious body wisdom connected to each chakra. The series empowers you to create a conversation with the subtle layers of consciousness and discover tools to integrate it all into your daily interactions with the world. Embodied awareness of yoga energetics truly deepens sadhana, the personal practice for Self-growth, and empowers you to step up as an alchemist of your own life.

Class Pricing:

$20 drop in

$90 for 6 week series

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Class Schedule:

Oct 31st:  Root chakra, earth element, energy stagnation in physical body, grounding and centering yin yoga practice

Nov 7th: Sacral chakra, water element, moving meditation and somatic dance inspired yoga, emotional body practices

Nov 14th: Solar Plexus chakra, fire element, mental “stories” or samskaras, ceremonial detoxifying and releasing yoga practice

Nov 21st: Heart chakra, air element, empowerment and unconditional love, pranayama and heart opening yoga practice

Nov 28th: Throat chakra, ether element, pure communication and power of choice, voice-activating yoga practice

Dec 5th: Third Eye and Crown chakras, higher mind, visions and aura awareness, yoga practice and a drum journey to activate pineal and pituitary glands.

After every class, you will receive an optional and personalized home practice suggestion to deepen the connection with each chakra and support the natural process of purification and balancing.

The energetic yoga practice never really ends, thus, the series holds container for both experienced practitioners and those who are in the beginning of their yoga path.

About Sanni Shukraya:

Sanni shares her service through holistic movement, meditation and energy work. Born and raised in Finland as a Waldorf child, she has a deep connection with nature and a heartfelt passion to live in a greater harmony with the web of life. A world traveler and devoted yogini her work with holistic health is inspired by different indigenous cultures and tribal traditions she has been blessed to experience and learn from.


Sanni has a deep practice of yoga (E-RYT 500), meditation, energy- and bodywork, cleansing techniques, core-shamanism and intuitive dance. She is a student of elemental initiations, rituals and ceremony to allow the deeper wisdom of Self to unfold. She holds space for internal and external transformation at retreats, facilitates Yoga Teacher Trainings at the Kula Collective and works with several projects to empower local communities in different countries.


Yoga practice translates into all- inclusive Self-inquiry and a way to cultivate a pure discernment to face the challenges and gifts of life with authenticity and inner trust. On the classes & workshops she shares one can dig deep, experience creative asana and alignment exploration, pranayama (breathwork), mantra (voice activation) as well as emotional & mental clearing and empowerment. The practice embraces embodiment of yoga philosophy on-and-off-the-mat, awareness about the yoga energetics and natural elemental movement guiding us to hold space for simple joys and deeper meditative reflections on daily life.


“With all my heart, I welcome you to share the practice with me and allow the ancient, yet so present wisdom of yoga to flow through for the highest benefit of all.”

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