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saturday night KIRTAN!

Kirtan brings your whole system into a state of harmony, and fills you with life! This is soothing mantra, and ecstatic chant. No experience necessary! Sit, sing, or relax.

Kris Harris teaches meditation, yoga, mantra, and yogic health, and especially enjoys sound and mantra. She plays a bit of guitar, harmonium, piano, and sitar, and sings sanskrit and buddhist mantra. All of this as ways to relax as happy peacefulness. 

Billy Zanski has been dedicated to a life in music for over 20 years. Sound therapy and percussion have become the cornerstones of his shop, Skinny Beats, in Asheville. Spending time in West Africa, Brazil, and Chile, Billy has developed a fusion of rhythm and deep harmonic frequencies, which he has been fine tuning into a program designed to help people relax and balance their energies. 

Allison Zopel has been performing music for 20 years, and began performing kirtan 5 years ago. With a background in singing jazz, she also has two albums of healing solo piano music, enjoys leading peaceful kirtan concerts, as well as playing cello in various musical groups. See for more!

$10-20 Suggested Donation