ECSW 1: Being in the Cranial Field with Brian Loftin


ECSW 1: Being in the Cranial Field. Here is the introductory course in Brian Loftin's (LMBT #13797, NCBTMB provider # 858336) series of classes in Elemental CranioSacral Work, a method which rests firmly in biomechanical principles, while stepping beyond into the realms of holism, non-linear dynamics, and meditative use of heart and personal presence. This class provides 21 CE hours. The course costs $450, with an early bird rate of $400, if paid in full by February 22, 2018

More info:
21 CE (continuing ed credit hours) with NCBTMB #858336
Elemental CranioSacral Work (ECSW) reimagines CranioSacral Work from the inside-out. Nature and Nurture are blended, and examined, for their influences on the spirit and forms of human beings. Technique is taught and demonstrated, but the true emphasis is on Presence and Feeling, rather than Thinking and Doing. This is the foundation course in this method.

The focus of this course is personal preparation.

Students will practice and learn how self-cultivation and mindfulness are used as fulcrums for facilitating healing in others. We will also examine anatomy and physiology in some depth, learn the history of CranioSacral Work in it's many, and varying, manifestations, explore complimentary philosophical approaches o healing in general, study the 4 dimensional body (that's right!), learn effective healing hands-on techniques, and most importantly, we will learn by concepts, rather than by rote memorization or technical mimicry of demonstrations.

One has to feel in order to heal. 

On the final day of the course, students will break into small groups and apply what they have learned to develop their own unique and specialized hands-on contacts. They will demonstrate to the class and receive feedback and constructive dialogue. The intent of this method of learning is to foster a sense of ownership in the student, a sense that this work is truly organic and flows through them and around them. This type of work can, like the wind, stars, ocean, birds, lead them onward into the possibilities in the present moment, in the context of the world at-large, as well as that incredible reservoir of healing, which is within.

Much of the inspiration for this course is Brian's internalization and personal experience of the writings, concepts and, often enough, the work of the old osteopathic doctors who relied almost solely on the natural gifts of the body to heal, rather than by inducing fixes. The Feldenkrais Method and biodynamic approaches to Craniosacral Therapy have also played a large role in sculpting the contours of this work. Finally, Brian brings to bear his own experiences in bodywork, history traveling the world, explorations in the Classical piano repertoire, archery and forays into anthropology.

Course pricing: $450
Early Bird Discount: $400 (if paid in FULL by February 22, 2018)
Register with Brian Loftin via email:
Deposit: $200, remaining balance due 14 days before class start date
Prerequisites: >150hr Massage Program, or equivalent (Yoga teachers are very welcome!)
Dates: March 23 - 25, Times: TBD

To Register, please email Brian directly at

Bio: Brian Loftin is a licensed massage and bodywork therapist, in private practice in Asheville, NC. Having studied Piano at Georgia State University and in Salzburg, Austria, Brian decided to attend massage school at the Florida School of Massage, graduating in 2003. Immediately upon graduating, he began his studies in Visionary Craniosacral Work, with the Milne Institute in California, where he graduated in 2010. After assisting as a teacher in many classes through the MI, Brian began to study other modalities and methods; namely: Biodynamic Craniosacral Work with Giorgia Milne, Biodynamic Cardiovascular Therapy with Dr. Michael Shea, Active Dreamwork with Robert Moss, the Feldenkrais Method Teacher Training Program, Visceral Manipulation with the Barral Institute, and recently graduated from the Spirit of Learning 100 hour Teacher Training Program at the Body Therapy Institute. He and his wife Katie have lived and taught around the globe: California, Hawai’i, Australia, New Zealand, and now in Katie’s hometown of Asheville.

Buddhi Yoga Intensive Training

Spring 2018 - with Jane Starr


Join Jane for the Buddhi Yoga Intensive Training in Asheville, NC! Become part of the BUDDHI Community at Instructor Level!

Buddhi Master Trainer & Yoga instructor Jane Starr (RYT 500hr+) is leading the first BUDDHI Yoga Intensive Training in WNC! This training is for the tried and true yogi or an adventurous instructor seeking something new! 

This practice began with Jen Liming, from the fiery Island of the Big Island, Hawaii and has made it’s way to us here in the Blue Ridge Mountains! She created a fusion of energetic yoga techniques and advanced body movements. She then paired this movement with explosive music that connects the body with mind and spirit. While moving in rhythms that physically strengthen muscles and kinetic energy the movement simultaneously evolves and excites the soul. BUDDHI will help you achieve ultimate health, spiritual wealth and attain empowerment and oneness for your total well being. By the end of the training, you will become an optimally charged BUDDHI Instructor and share in a heart awakening experience. It is a two day immersion, including a BUDDHI class on Friday to kick off the weekend training!!

The training:

Cost: $300

Early Bird Special $250 (MUST pre-register by 3/31/18)

3 Day 14hr in class Intensive + 36 hr practice teaching/solo "homework"
14hr Intensive Schedule:
Friday, April 13- 6:00-8:00
Saturday, April 14- 9:00-12:30 / 1:30-5:00
Sunday, April 14 10:30-12:30 / 1:30-4:30

*Bring towels, yoga mat, extra yoga clothes, snacks, lunch, and something to write with.
*We will have an hour for lunch, so if you prefer to go out that is an option as well! 

BUDDHI Teacher Training Requirements: 
BUDDHI is an intermediate to advanced yoga. Students of teacher training should have some level of comfort with basic yoga asanas, or feel comfortable in an intermediate or Level 2 class. 50 hour total training time required. 2 day 14hr in class intensive in class training. 36 hours homework practice, teaching sessions, and solo practice. 20 minute live demo with teacher trainer or skype session and/or private vimeo /youtube submission. 20 minute demo must be approved by Master Teacher Trainer Jen Liming to receive certification. Training led by Creator, Master Trainer Jane Starr.

If you have any questions please reach Jane by email


Energy Healing 101: Spring 2018

A training Intensive Including:
*Level One Reiki
*Energy Body Anatomy
*Soul Centered Healing Protocols

In this course we will cover:
~The basics of Esoteric Energy Anatomy
~Learn how to sense and interpret Subtle Energy
~Unwind the stories held in our Chakras & physical body
~Learn practices to become more attuned to the deeper layers of Self
~Begin to perceive & interpret experiences through the lens of the Soul
~And learn to share healing with others!

This course is the culmination of over ten years of study and practice by three facilitators initiated together in a life changing system of healing! This system incorporates many aspects of energy anatomy & soul based healing techniques. It includes a first level Reiki attunement protocols for multidimensional healing & so much more! Come join us for an amazing, transformational journey through the realm of the Soul! ♥


Amanda Seta, Binah Love of Sacred Cacao & Rachel Frezza

Tuition: $650
Before April 1st: $595
Space is limited!

Course Outline:

Sat April 28th
AM Session ~ Opening Ceremony with Cacao & Journey through the Chakras (prepare for Attunement)
PM Session ~ Energy Healing 101

Sun April 29th
AM Session ~ Movement & Breath Work (Pranayama) for entering the Subtle Realm of the Energy Body, 1st Level Attunement
PM Session ~ Giving and receiving Healing, listening to the story of the Soul, 1st Protocol Solar Plexus

Wednesday nights in May at 6pm - 9pm

1st week ~ Tuning in, Meditation practice for becoming a clear channel, 2nd Protocol Base
2nd week ~ Sacral
3rd week ~ Heart
4th week ~ Throat
5th week ~ Head Centers

Sat June 2nd ~ Final Class & Closing Ceremony

**Optional Yoga Sessions on the Thursday (7:45pm) following each Wednesday class, to go deeper into the work with the energy center for that week! Class location for yoga is Violet Owl Wellness


Please feel free to contact us with any questions: