Energy Healing 101: Spring 2018

A training Intensive Including:
*Level One Reiki
*Energy Body Anatomy
*Soul Centered Healing

In this course we will cover:
~The basics of Esoteric Energy Anatomy
~Learn how to sense and interpret Subtle Energy
~Unwind the stories held in our Chakras & physical body
~Learn practices to become more attuned to the deeper layers of Self
~Begin to perceive & interpret experiences through the lens of the Soul
~And learn to share healing with others!

Yatha pinde tatha brahmande, yatha brahmande tatha pinde ~Yajurveda

"As is the individual, so is the universe, as is the universe, so is the individual."

In this course you will learn how to connect with the Universal truth expressed in your body, your personal road map & toolkit for Self Realization. As you learn to listen more deeply you will gain access to more of your Higher Self Essence, allowing you to be a greater conduit for infinite Joy & Radiance. Discover deep communication as you embody the mind of your different physical systems. As you become softer & more still, you begin to hear the voice of your Subtle Anatomy unlocking the stories held within. Taking this potent & subtle journey into the Self as Body we will learn to converse with the space between the cells as the pathway to ultimate healing. Learning to heal ourselves & hold space for others, from a clear & receptive heart.

This course is the culmination of over ten years of study and practice by three facilitators initiated together in a life changing system of healing! This system incorporates many aspects of energy anatomy & soul based healing techniques. It includes a first level Reiki attunement protocols for multidimensional healing & so much more! Come join us for an amazing, transformational journey through the realm of the Soul! ♥


Amanda Seta, Binah Love of Sacred Cacao & Rachel Frezza

Tuition: $650

  • Space is limited!
  • $100 Non-Refundable Deposit
  • Cancellation policy: two weeks prior to start date (April 14th)

Course Outline:

Sat April 28th
AM Session ~ Opening Ceremony with Cacao & Journey through the Chakras (prepare for Attunement)
PM Session ~ Energy Healing 101

Sun April 29th
AM Session ~ Movement & Breath Work (Pranayama) for entering the Subtle Realm of the Energy Body, 1st Level Attunement
PM Session ~ Giving and receiving Healing, listening to the story of the Soul, 1st Protocol Solar Plexus

Wednesday nights in May at 6pm - 9pm

1st week ~ Tuning in, Meditation practice for becoming a clear channel, 2nd Protocol Base
2nd week ~ Sacral
3rd week ~ Heart
4th week ~ Throat
5th week ~ Head Centers

Sat in June ~ Final Class & Closing Ceremony

**Optional Yoga Sessions on Tuesday at 7:45pm at Violet Owl Wellness during the training. We will go deeper into the work with the energy center for that week!

**Optional healing session discounts to support you during the training

Please feel free to contact us with any questions: 



with Brian Loftin | September 28-30, 2018  
$400 if paid in full by August 8, 2018, $450 thereafter. Payment plans are available.
NCBTMB #858336, 21 CEs


with Brian Loftin | October 5-7, 2018
$400 if paid in full by August 15, 2018, $450 thereafter. Payment plans are available.
NCBTMB #858336, 21 CEs