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Jordanya Luna le Fae

I discovered the bliss of a dedicated yoga practice in 2013, while the experiences of pregnancy and young motherhood made their demands on me. Growing, nurturing and protecting a child required my cup to be full, and yoga did that for me more than anything else. I attended a Saturday yoga class religiously and practiced along with some prenatal yoga DVDs but craved more.

My yoga teacher recognized this spark of potential and gifted me the book “Kripalu Yoga: A Guide to Practice On and Off the Mat.” From there, my home practice was born and deepened rapidly. In 2017 I completed my 250 Hour Asheville Community Yoga Teacher Training course and proceeded to volunteer my time as yoga teacher. Once I had a taste of what it felt like to share yoga with my community, I reached out to more local studios in hopes of expanding my teaching experience.

Asana is truly a moving meditation, a dance of self-love and expression, and pure, blissful fun. My spirituality is an integral part of my happiness and love of life, and I find spiritual connection to What Is through yoga. My breath guides me both on and off the mat. To share this magick with others is blessed obligation. We all have this beautiful light within us and we all need a little guidance sometimes so that we may bask in it. I hope to provide that guidance to the Asheville community as it was once provided to me and has forever changed my life.