Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is the Yoga of awareness. Often referred to as a science of angles, it is a sacred path to the uncoiling of your consciousness and your full potential through the science of postures, meridian point activation, mantra and breath. Steven’s big focus on teaching are the pattern and habit shifting aspects of the practice. Steven chooses sets that range anywhere easy to challenging, but the class remains an all levels class as Steven wants Kundalini Yoga to be accessible to every body.

Price: $10 - $20 Sliding Scale

Tuesdays 5:45PM - 7:15PM WITH STEVEN

Thursdays 6:30AM - 8AM - WITH AINHOA


About Steven

Steven is a KRI certified Kundalini Yoga teacher based in Asheville, NC. He believes that through the path of Kundalini Yoga we are able to dissolve subconscious blockages and conquer our imagined disabilities so we can liberate lifetimes of Karma to align with our highest destiny. 

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About Ainhoa

I, Ainhoa Bilbao Cebrero am honored and grateful to teach this ancient and sacred art of kundalini yoga. When I partook in a kundalini yoga training with amazing teachers that were Yogi Bhajan’s own students when he was alive, my intention was simply to deepen my practice. Within me, I knew there was something here for me to discover and unveil. As I began the training, something shifted in me so powerfully that I began to see life with new eyes. I began to transform my old fears and doubts with a new sacred confidence that has permeated into my life. It touched my heart so deeply and powerfully that I knew then, I must share this with others. Kundalini yoga is my heart practice. It is the yoga of awareness. I wish all to recognize the power within oneself, each in their own journey and in their own way. I wish to offer a soulful & heartfelt practice to empower others to rise above their own limitations.

I love how kundalini yoga is a complete practice in itself. I will offer you the exploration of this sacred tapestry of kriyas ( specific sets filled with life enhancing effects), composing of/or mantras, (sacred vibrational singing), pranayamas (breath activation), meditations, mudras (specific hand gestures activating energetic pathways within) , asana ( postures) & or kundalini sutras (five principles) and more offered through kundalini yoga as a bridge connecting us to our true infinity and Higher Self. The more challenging kriyas will always be all inclusive through adaptations to anyone according to their personal & physical needs and abilities.

These kriyas are passed down from the master of kundalini yoga Yogi Bhajan. They are empowering. This yoga is all about your own genuine experience. Kundalini yoga helps unveil all that holds you back so that you may overcome limitations ,become more present, energetic and aware in breath, body and mind as a harmonious whole. It works all your body systems especially the nervous system and glandular system activating you in a new vitality of energy. Its an ancient art, a science, a Divine expression, and an ancient unbroken teaching full of potential which was withheld to only few chosen yogis by highly spiritual teachers many moons back until Yogi Bhajan came forth in the 1960s to make it accessible to all proclaiming we all have the potential and birthright to be happy, healthy and holy! All are welcome to discover this unique practice. Come as you are!

I am a KRI (Kundalini Research Institute) certified kundalini teacher,having had the privilage to learn from exceptional teachers at the Asheville Yoga Center. I wish to honor them here with deepest gratitude: Sierra Hollister, Kartar Singh, HarDarshan & Gurudass. All seasoned and living fully what they teach. I also want to offer my thanksgiving for my husband Gota Cebrero for having taught me the spirit of yoga and its many different expressions on and off the mat in a real and profound genuine way. I began yoga with an astangha practice and then discovered years later kundalini yoga which awakened me deeper in a new energetic way. I have been an artist all my life, and a teacher to many children, a lead teacher to 3-6 year olds at the Appalachian State Developement Center of Lucy Brock in Boone, NC. I have worked with children diagnosed with autism for some years. I have apprenticed from Christy Gray an extraordinary remarkable teacher in Athens, Georgia, learning earth medicine and great mysteries through surrendering to Spirit. I am a creative nature writer and I love to blend my artistic self with the ancient knowledge and tradition of kundalini yoga. I share my stories at art receptions showing my paintings and often call the four directions honoring this sacred earth, our present home. I have a web site at ainhoabcebrero.com if you are interested to explore further. Deepest gratitude to the Lifter of Sun and hearts, moon and stars woven in all of life. I look forward to teaching you! deep peace.