So many of the answers we desire can be found when we sit, embody the breath, and go inward. 

In this gentle yet inviting workshop, we will practice a series of guided mindfulness/breathwork exercises to drop out of the mind and into the body, followed by rich journaling prompts that are guaranteed to reveal deep personal truths. 

All are welcome, teen through adult.

$15 advance
$20 at door

Sunday, August 12th at 11am - 1pm

Online Tickets:


We have finally landed the date for our next medicine ceremony! We are so honored to hold this space for group healing. We will be weaving together the wisdoms streams of Vedic and Peruvian ancient Earth Medicine with the plant spirit alley Sacred Cacao along with song, heart sharing and Mesa healing work.
Cacao consumption is optional

Event with Jennifer Worthen & Binah Love (Sacred Cacao)

Sunday, August 12th

4pm - 7:30pm

Sliding Scale $35-$65

Online tickets:

Sweet Dreams Yoga Nidra Series


Sweet Dreams Yoga Nidra with Miranda Peterson

60 Minutes Per Class

This class encourages deep physical, mental, emotional & energetic relaxation. We’ll do 30 minutes of gentle Hatha yoga asanas (poses) followed by 30 minutes of comfortable, guided meditation while lying down on your mat. Studies show that 30 minutes of yoga nidra (aka dynamic or yogic sleep) is equivalent to 2-4 hours of actual sleep, easing participants into a “hypnagogic state”— the threshold between alpha and theta brain waves or the border between consciousness & unconsciousness. You will likely notice improved, more restorative sleep at home too! This is a great class for beginners and sufferers of insomnia, stress, anxiety or depression. Class may include essential oils and/or gentle assists.


**Online tickets available soon**

To RSVP please email

$10 - 20 sliding scale per drop in (pick what you pay)

$40 for the series

Begins Wednesday, August 15th

7:15pm - 8:15pm, 4 week series

Caturday Cat Yoga & Coffee

 photo: Pamela Yvonne Photography

photo: Pamela Yvonne Photography

Calling all cat enthusiasts, cat lovers and cat admirers! These are a few of your favorite things:

1x per month with Furever Friends Animal Rescue & Asheville Cat Weirdos!


1PM - 3PM

What to expect:
Cats, Yoga, Coffee, Casual cat meet up w/ adoptable kitties from FurEver Friends Animal Rescue, est 2002!

FYI: The yoga class is a ticketed event, as we only have space for a certain amount of humans + cats. However, from 2-3pm we will be open to the public to allow people to come in, donate, and take a peek at the adorable/adoptable cats and MAYBE even find their #fureverfriend!

This event is in collaboration w/ Asheville Cat Weirdos and FurEver Friends Animal Rescue, est 2002, we are hosting a #caturday yoga, stretching and coffee event 1x per month! Stay tuned for future events. 😊 

About the cats:
There will be adoptable felines starring the show from Furever Friends Animal Rescue!

About the yoga class:
This class is led by cat lover/yoga instructor Natalie Fox. It will be a gentle, all levels yoga class. Not only great for for beginners/cat enthusiasts/people who like holding cats during yoga BUT also those who like stretching + chillin' out. And as always, we will make time for a 10 min cat nap (savasana) ;-)

Please contact Violet Owl Wellness if you have any questions ♥ 

$10 - 20 sliding scale
Proceeds to FurEver Friends Animal Rescue

Reserve your spot in advance, limited space available!


Monthly Kirtan

with Samata, Kalidas & Friends

Join Samata, Kalidas & friends for a beautiful evening of kirtan, Bhakti, & chanting. 

Kalidas and Samata have been singing and sharing in the practice of Bhakti together since 2003. They have played countless kirtans and traveled together over the years. This is the beginning of a new and fun kirtan collaboration project. 

We look forward to singing with you at the Violet Owl on Friday, May 18. Doors open at 7 and kirtan starts at 7:30. 

Admission: sliding scale $10-15
Street parking is free after 6 and there is also a parking garage nearby.

Upcoming dates!

Friday, August 17th

Archetype Workshop Series


Archetype Workshop Series with Andrea Rich

Be centered and seize your life!

Beginning the week of the Lion's Gate 8/8

4 Mondays in August: 8/6, 8/13, 8/20, 8/27 @ 7:15-8:45 pm

2018 demands we take care of ourselves. We have more access to address and get beyond old patterns, and any lingering unfinished business. 

There's never been so much energy to encourage our souls desire to inhabit our bodies! It's time to find the pleasure of being you. 

Come experience for yourself that your empowered life is a verb... Not a noun!

Each Class:
- Pranayama & Sound for the Chakras- from Ayurveda perspectives
- Archetypes & numerology from Andrea's Power Journal

~ What are you going through? Link it to the yoga of you! ~

Please note:
- Each class stands alone
- Prorated amount for full series
- Series students receive a discount on a future series w/ Andrea
- Ability to build on the practice through the series.

About Andrea Rich:
Andrea is a warrior goddess fiercely standing for renovation and peace. She chose the topic of really taking on the the challenges in your life, and turning them into gold ,so you step up and stand up in your life! Decades of yoga, acting, teaching, designing, and producing bring her center stage to be totally present with you now. 

$20-30 sliding scale per class
$60-75 for 4 week series


New Moon Sound Meditation

Move over full moon - the new moon has something to say too. Our lives are full of cycles, every year, every month, even within the course of a day. While the full moon has powerful significance, that of completion, every month the new moon marks the phase of new beginning.

Allowing your mind to inhabit a lucid state while meditating with sound is a powerful way to align with your intentions at this potent time in the cycle of the planets. The ability to get beyond our usual level of thought and go deeper into imagination can tap into the power of our source energy to manifest what we truly see as possible.

In addition to setting intentions, meditation is know to reduce stress, reduce blood pressure, ease anxiety and physical pain, and improve sleep.

A sound meditation is simply a meditation facilitated by sound with instruments such as singing bowls, gongs, shakers, rain sticks, frame drums, bells, voice, and more. Participants are free to stand, sit or lie down.

“...I didn’t quite know what to expect but was excited to try it out. I loved that my role was simply to be comfortable and not to have to “do” anything. Within minutes of resting, I was aware of relaxing and exquisite sounds. I wouldn’t necessarily describe it all as “music” as one might expect. Each had me keenly aware of how I listen and process sound, and as the session progressed I was delighted that I was losing my intellectual observation of the experience and moving into a truly physical awakening....”
– from a private session client

Find out more at:

About LuAnn:
In addition to being a musician, LuAnn has been practicing yoga for nearly 20 years, has reiki level II, and has studied Vedantic teachings and sanskrit at Ananda Ashram, Monroe, NY. 

New Moon Sound Meditation
6pm doors
6:30pm event
$15-25 sliding scale