Monthly Kirtan

with Samata, Kalidas & Friends



Join Samata, Kalidas & friends for a beautiful evening of kirtan, Bhakti, & chanting. 

Kalidas and Samata have been singing and sharing in the practice of Bhakti together since 2003. They have played countless kirtans and traveled together over the years. This is the beginning of a new and fun kirtan collaboration project. 

We look forward to singing with you at the Violet Owl on Friday, May 18. Doors open at 7 and kirtan starts at 7:30. 

Admission: sliding scale $10-15
Street parking is free after 6 and there is also a parking garage nearby.

Upcoming dates!

Friday, September 14th

Friday, October 26th

Friday, November 16th

Learning to Sit
A Four-Week Introduction to Meditation

Guided by Erin Gahan Clark

"Listen to the compass of your heart. All you need lies within you."
- Mary Anne Radmache

Beneath the layers of the thinking mind and amidst the hussle and bussle of daily life, there dwells a kernel inside each of us that is always present, still and connected. When we are able to access this inner world, we can begin to move through life with more compassion, joy and contentment. 
The practice of meditation is one road into this dwelling place. In this four-week Introduction to Meditation series we will practice many accessible avenues for exploring meditation including breath awareness, mantra, mindfulness and yoga nidra. 

This series will guide the practitioner within to develop a personal relationship with meditation and to begin cultivating a home practice.
All are welcome! Come as you are. 

About Erin:
Using all the senses through the practices of mindful, alignment-based asana, meditation, yoga nidra, pranayama, altar making, chanting, and sound journey, Erin strives to facilitate a safe space for students to move inward. She guides sequences that move slowly and mindfully encouraging self-exploration and cultivation of body awareness. Erin has been practicing yoga and meditation since 2000 and is grateful to have been guiding yoga classes and workshops since February 2007. She received her 200-hour yoga teacher training certification in the Vinyasa style of yoga from Dhyana Yoga in Philadelphia and went on to complete her 300-hour advance yoga teacher training certification through Jivan Yoga Teacher Training in the Sivananda and Anusara inspired styles of yoga at Baltimore Yoga Village. Her latest training was with the Amrit Institute where she learned the art of guiding yoga nidra practices. All levels are welcome in Erin’s classes. Expect to breathe, move and smile. Come as you are. 

$20 drop in or $60 for the whole series.

Come in, Call 828.785.3041 or sign up online:

Caturday Cat Yoga & Coffee

 photo: Pamela Yvonne Photography

photo: Pamela Yvonne Photography

Calling all cat enthusiasts, cat lovers and cat admirers! These are a few of your favorite things:

1x per month with Furever Friends Animal Rescue & Asheville Cat Weirdos!



1PM - 3PM

What to expect:
Cats, Yoga, Coffee, Casual cat meet up w/ adoptable kitties from FurEver Friends Animal Rescue, est 2002!

FYI: The yoga class is a ticketed event, as we only have space for a certain amount of humans + cats. However, from 2-3pm we will be open to the public to allow people to come in, donate, and take a peek at the adorable/adoptable cats and MAYBE even find their #fureverfriend!

This event is in collaboration w/ Asheville Cat Weirdos and FurEver Friends Animal Rescue, est 2002, we are hosting a #caturday yoga, stretching and coffee event 1x per month! Stay tuned for future events. 😊 

About the cats:
There will be adoptable felines starring the show from Furever Friends Animal Rescue!

About the yoga class:
This class is led by cat lover/yoga instructor Natalie Fox. It will be a gentle, all levels yoga class. Not only great for for beginners/cat enthusiasts/people who like holding cats during yoga BUT also those who like stretching + chillin' out. And as always, we will make time for a 10 min cat nap (savasana) ;-)

Please contact Violet Owl Wellness if you have any questions ♥ 

$10 - 20 sliding scale
Proceeds to FurEver Friends Animal Rescue

Reserve your spot in advance, limited space available!

Sweet Dreams Yoga Nidra

with Miranda Peterson


60 Minutes Per Class

This class encourages deep physical, mental, emotional & energetic relaxation. We’ll do 30 minutes of gentle Hatha yoga asanas (poses) followed by 30 minutes of comfortable, guided meditation while lying down on your mat. Studies show that 30 minutes of yoga nidra (aka dynamic or yogic sleep) is equivalent to 2-4 hours of actual sleep, easing participants into a “hypnagogic state”— the threshold between alpha and theta brain waves or the border between consciousness & unconsciousness. You will likely notice improved, more restorative sleep at home too! This is a great class for beginners and sufferers of insomnia, stress, anxiety or depression. Class may include essential oils and/or gentle assists.


**Online tickets available via MindBody**

**Pre-registration REQUIRED for this class**

To RSVP please email

$10 - 20 sliding scale per drop in (pick what you pay)

$40 for the series

Sign up on Mindbody!



7:15pm - 8:15pm, 4 week series

Journaling for Personal Truth

with Sarah Shoemaker of Embodied Breath


So many of the answers we desire can be found when we sit, embody the breath, and go inward. 

In this gentle yet inviting workshop, we will practice a series of guided mindfulness/breathwork exercises to drop out of the mind and into the body, followed by rich journaling prompts that are guaranteed to reveal deep personal truths. 

All ages are welcome, teen through adult.

$15 advance
$20 at door

NEXT date: 9/23 at 11am - 12:30pm

Sign up here:


kids fairy yoga image cloud bubble-01.jpg

We will be meditating, yoga-ing, and fairy wish-making with crystals! Move & balance with fairy wands. Play imaginative earth-centered fairy games to honor the lush beauty of our Monutain Spirit!

**Beginners to yoga welcome. This is a family-friendly event! Bring your fairy wings & wands, or borrow some!**

Individual $10 - 15 sliding scale
Family Rate $20 - 25 sliding scale

Register for September 23rd at 1pm

Register for October 14th at 11am

Movement, Breath & Sound

with Brandi Leigh


Enjoy the combined benefits of conscious movements, intentional breathing, and sound healing meditation music!


Sunday, September 23rd 2-3:30pm

(Please arrive 10 minutes early)

Violet Owl Wellness 62 Wall St, Asheville, NC 28801


This 90 minute Workshop begins with Ping Shuai Gong ~ Qigong, a very fun and simple Qigong exercise that opens our body meridians, improves circulation, stimulates bone marrow, decompresses the spine, and rids toxins from the human body. Ping Shuai Gong is a method of “Swing Hands” that originated in Twain.


Next you will be guided into the activation of the parasympathetic nervous system through breathwork, which kicks off the natural relaxation response. Breathwork releases old energies and opens the door to higher states of awareness. This portion of the workshop ranges between 20-25 minutes and concludes with a primal scream. Setting one's intention and then releasing, allows for great healing!


Ending in our finale relaxation posture to receive the vibrations of quartz crystal singing bowls & other harmonic tools creating frequencies that promotes relaxation of the mind & body designed to guide listeners on an inner journey of self discovery and exploration.

The tonal properties of these instruments promote healing of the nervous system, digestive and metabolic systems, and of physical body as the brainwaves slow down to meditative and deeply restful states through a scientific process called entrainment.

Sound therapy is highly effective at providing relief for chronic pain, digestive issues, insomnia, fibromyalgia, autoimmune disorders, heart's disease, trauma, depression, anxiety and cancer treatment therapies. The benefits of this therapy can be received regardless of the recipients ability to hear sound.

No previous experience required to attend, all ages and abilities welcome. Feel free to bring your own bolsters, pillows, blankets, water bottles and anything else to satisfy your desire for comfort.



$22 - 33 sliding scale drop in

Sign up here:


Completely surrender, release, and leave renewed with this restorative yoga practice combined with the healing energy of Reiki. Both of these practices help reset and restore the nervous system so that we can enter into a deep state of relaxation, repair, and peace. This full moon is also combined with a lunar eclipse and is a powerful time to be with and release all the emotions, thoughts, patterns and beliefs that are no longer serving us. Caroline will be leading a healing meditation while sending Reiki to the group during the practice to assist in clearing away the old, raising our vibration and re-aligning with peace, love, and compassion. 

Caroline Woolard is a 200 HR Registered Yoga Teacher, Reiki Master and Eating Psychology Coach. After spending many years struggling with anxiety, depression, disordered eating, chronic fatigue, autoimmune and digestive issues she began to find her greatest healing through yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and energy healing work. She is passionate about helping others discover their ability to heal from within and cultivate resilience in their lives through self-care and self-compassion. Restorative yoga and Reiki combination has helped her and others release fear to find peace, relax the nervous system, and restore energy levels.

Upcoming dates:
All pricing $5-20 sliding scale *pick what you pay*

Sunday, September 23rd at 6pm

Wednesday, October 24th at 7:15pm

Monday, November 26th at 7:15pm

Intro to Human Design

with Alexander Thomson

 Image source: Jovian archive

Image source: Jovian archive

Intro to Human Design with Alexander Thomson

Human Design is a system built around the intersection of science and spirituality. Learn how to operate with flow and ease in your life through understanding your unique design.

About Alexander Thomson:

Alexander is a spiritually oriented, intuitive natural healer with the unique gift of combining modalities. He works in several different areas as he recognizes the benefit of utilizing complementary disciplines. Working within the light, with the highest intent, he is guided by his intuition to help people experience a new freedom in life and resolve issues and hurtles to prevent them from reaching their full potential. Alexander is now focusing his energy and gifts into the education and enlightenment of any and all who want to expand their hearts and minds into understanding and accessing the New Paradigm.

Saturday, September 19th, 12pm - 4pm


Regular Rate: $111

Early Bird Discount: $99.90 (Save 10% by 9/18/18)

Purchase with a friend, both save $22

(please sign up at studio or via email for this discount


Questions? Contact Alexander

Flower of Life Healing

A Harmonic Motion Circle




Flower of Life Healing- A Harmonic Motion Circle

You are water, you are living light! Come union with Brandi and Rachael and have your senses awaken as you undulate, unfurl, and reunite with your power. Be your Blossoming!

In this Workshop we will explore

Bio dynamic breath and movements
Sacred Geometry (Flower of life)
Vibrational Healing (Sound Therapy)
Applied Visualizations
Q & A

This opportunity will allow the participants to identify their stories/patterns. If chosen, ones can re-wire, revise or relinquish set in beliefs or emotional strong holds that are not in alignment with individuals purpose and passion.

$33-66 sliding scale

violet owl yoga for recovery owl 1.jpg

October 7th
$25 - 35 sliding scale

Bethany Otten began her recovery journey in 2013, and started teaching yoga two years later. Yoga gives us tools to handle many of life’s ups and downs, and the process of recovery is no different. This workshop is for both students and teachers to get a better understanding of people in recovery from addiction. This 2-hour workshop will consist of a discussion to help educate others in what it means to be in recovery and how to use one’s yoga practice to help assist in this process, followed by an asana class and meditation that is beneficial to all students, but designed specifically for those in recovery. 

Bethany says "It is a privilege to teach yoga to those who are coping with recovery and to those who know someone who is. Recovery is a subject that is near and dear to my heart as each day my own recovery continues. Yoga for recovery has truly helped save life.“ Bring your mat and an open heart.

*students not turned away due to lack of funds*