Hip Hop Yoga & Live Drums!

Upcoming dates: Friday 1/12, Friday 2/9, Friday 3/9

Grab your hOMies and join Emma Jenkins, 500RYT, for this fun, energizing all levels Vinyasa flow class practiced to the hottest (and the most old school) hip hop beats out there! 

Come ready to get loose and flow hard to hip hop jams old and new, laid down for us by Asheville’s own, Jacob Coats, on LIVE DRUMS!! This class is sure to get your hearts open and hips hoppin,’ BYOB and positive vibez... Cause if ya don’t know, now ya know

*Singing & dancing both highly encouraged but not required in this class! ;-)

Pricing: $10 - $20 sliding scale (pay what you want/where you value the class)

Time: 6 - 7pm


Yoga Nidra Community Classes with Kris Harris


Yoga nidra is the state between wake and sleep, where we access deeper levels of consciousness and the subconscious mind through guided relaxation while laying in savasana. The practice helps to clear old habits, brings deep rest and restoration to the whole system, and serves as a bridge to meditation and the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind. What to expect: we will discuss the practice, then do about 30 minutes of yin and restorative postures, then to savasana for the yoga nidra practice.

Join us for restorative postures, guided relaxation, and yoga nidra. No prior experience required. 

Pricing: $10-20 sliding scale per class
Ages 12+
Sundays January 14th, February 11th
4pm - 5:30pm

Sign up online:

or RSVP via email 📧

The Purrfect Yoga Class!

Photo credit: Evoke Emotion Photography

Photo credit: Evoke Emotion Photography

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue & Violet Owl Wellness present:

The Purrfect Yoga Class!

Upcoming class dates:
~ January 14th, 2018 with Mauni Tomlo

This is a purrfect class for a Sunday outing with friends & fam. All classes are beginner friendly & offer modifications/options for each yoga asana/posture. We encourage you to take necessary breaks during class to engage with the kittens! The classes will include free-roaming ADOPTABLE kittens from Brother Wolf Animal Rescue (local to Western North Carolina). You may just meet your new best friend!

Rate: $10 - 20 sliding scale
Please pre-register!


Submit questions via email:
or phone #828.785.3041

Proceeds to benefit Brother Wolf
location: Violet Owl Wellness
address: 62 Wall Street, Downtown Asheville, NC
phone: #828.785.3041

parking: Wall Street Parking Garage (very accessible) & free metered street parking SUNDAY only


Join author Jen Snyder for an Introduction to the HMS Log Book!

Bring awareness to your cycles, patterns, strengths and opportunities for growth. Each page of the HMS Log Book presents the daily moon phase and inspirational quote from the world's most beloved motivational and spiritual teachers. With a "Fill in the box" format, this unique method invites you to log all the variables that affect the mind, body & spirit as you journey through each day. This smart and beautifully organized journal is engineered to maximize your time and head space to make for efficient journaling.

Begin to see your days as the product of your choices plus the exterior elements in play during this snapshot of the journey. Every day decisions versus the physical impact of those choices. When we can see these details and their conclusions on the pages of this journal day after day, our file of personal data dramatically increases. This in turn leads to a higher level of self-awareness which will support healthy decisions along the journey.

And with the compassionate, non-judgmental frame of mind the Captain’s Oath requires, your enhanced self-awareness allows you to logistically measure the quality of your choices against the way you want to feel. The awareness, as always, is the key, and journaling in the HMS Log Book is a fast track to becoming open to this awareness.

Saturday January 13th, 3pm - 5pm
Pricing: $30 without the book
$50 with the book included ($6 savings!)




Remembering through Movement with Ava

We come together to Remember the ancient wisdom in our bodies. 

We come together to move our bodies and our souls. 

To open the channel that is our body.

To love ourselves.

To love each other.

Suggested donation ~ $15

Galentine's Day Yoga & Art


I know what you're thinking... 
"How very pop culture of you!"

Join us for a Galentine's Day yoga class + a little wine + a little chocolate + let's make Valentines!

"Google, what is Galentine's Day?"
February 13th
Public Reception. Even though the episode aired in 2010, Galentine's Day has transcended from the television screen into everyday culture. On February 13th, Galentine's Day, a nonofficial holiday, is celebrated as a day for “ladies celebrating ladies.”

Bring your best gal pal! Let's come together to celebrate + hang out + be amazing. Materials provided

Date: Tuesday, February 13th
Time: 6pm - 8pm
Pricing: Suggested donation $15-25
or sign up in advance:

Elemental CranioSacral Work 1:

Being in the Cranial Field with Brian Loftin


21 CE (continuing ed credit hours) with NCBTMB #858336

Elemental CranioSacral Work (ECSW) reimagines CranioSacral Work from the inside-out. Nature and Nurture are blended, and examined, for their influences on the spirit and forms of human beings. Technique is taught and demonstrated, but the true emphasis is on Presence and Feeling, rather than Thinking and Doing. This is the foundation course in this method.

The focus of this course is personal preparation. Students will practice and learn how self-cultivation and mindfulness are used as fulcrums for facilitating healing in others. We will also examine anatomy and physiology in some depth, learn the history of CranioSacral Work in it's many, and varying, manifestations, explore complimentary philosophical approaches o healing in general, study the 4 dimensional body (that's right!), learn effective healing hands-on techniques, and most importantly, we will learn by concepts, rather than by rote memorization or technical mimicry of demonstrations.

One has to feel in order to heal. 

On the final day of the course, students will break into small groups and apply what they have learned to develop their own unique and specialized hands-on contacts. They will demonstrate to the class and receive feedback and constructive dialogue. The intent of this method of learning is to foster a sense of ownership in the student, a sense that this work is truly organic and flows through them and around them. This type of work can, like the wind, stars, ocean, birds, lead them onward into the possibilities in the present moment, in the context of the world at-large, as well as that incredible reservoir of healing, which is within.

Much of the inspiration for this course is Brian's internalization and personal experience of the writings, concepts and, often enough, the work of the old osteopathic doctors who relied almost solely on the natural gifts of the body to heal, rather than by inducing fixes. The Feldenkrais Method and biodynamic approaches to Craniosacral Therapy have also played a large role in sculpting the contours of this work. Finally, Brian brings to bear his own  experiences in bodywork, history traveling the world, explorations in the Classical piano repertoire, archery and forays into anthropology.

Course pricing: $450

Early Bird Discount: $400 (if paid in FULL by February 15, 2018)

Register with Brian Loftin via email:

Deposit: $200, remaining balance due 14 days before class start date

Prerequisites: >150hr Massage Program, or equivalent

Dates: March 23 - 25, Times: TBD

Bio:  Brian Loftin is a licensed massage and bodywork therapist, in private practice in Asheville, NC. Having studied Piano at Georgia State University and in Salzburg, Austria, Brian decided to attend massage school at the Florida School of Massage, graduating in 2003. Immediately upon graduating, he began his studies in Visionary Craniosacral Work, with the Milne Institute in California, where he graduated in 2010. After assisting as a teacher in many classes through the MI, Brian began to study other modalities and methods; namely: Biodynamic Craniosacral Work with Giorgia Milne, Biodynamic Cardiovascular Therapy with Dr. Michael Shea, Active Dreamwork with Robert Moss, the Feldenkrais Method Teacher Training Program, Visceral Manipulation with the Barral Institute, and recently graduated from the Spirit of Learning 100 hour Teacher Training Program at the Body Therapy Institute. He and his wife Katie have lived and taught around the globe: California, Hawai’i, Australia, New Zealand, and now in Katie’s hometown of Asheville.