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Crystal Bowl Chakra Cleanse and Yin Yoga


This class is presented by Yogini Genie! <3

Come bathe in the beautiful tones of the healing quartz crystal bowls. Each bowl has a specific note to match each chakra in the body which can allow your body to melt into balance and bliss. It is truly a unique experience, as well as a complement to any form of holistic living and health. There will be a specific yin pose for each chakra or you can just sit/lay and soak in the vibrations.

*no yoga experience necessary


Experience Harmony


A workshop with local musicians Dulci Ellenberger & Kevin Williams. This is a vocal workshop exploring harmony as it relates to the chakras. Each week, we'll focus on one specific energy center, the vowels and harmonic intervals related to it, and how to access, balance, and tone each one through vocalizing. Classes will focus on breath control, tone integrity, and a deeper connection to humanity through understanding and experiencing the power of vocal harmony. Beginning singers welcome and encouraged, as this is an exploration, and all levels of experience are valued.

Dulci Ellenberger and Kevin Williams have been singing together for years. As songwriters and multi-instrumentalists, they collaborate in several successful bands based out of Asheville, including Holy Ghost Tent Revival and Sweet Claudette. As full-time, touring musicians, these two understand the importance of being tuned in AND in tune! Together, they've created a fun and interactive course designed to encourage individuals to get to know themselves better through experiencing vocal harmony with other human beings in a safe and inclusive environment. 

$55 for series ($11 per class)
$15-25 sliding scale

11/5 - 12/3
7:30pm - 8:45pm

Violet Owl Wellness
62 Wall Street, Downtown Asheville, NC

Please RSVP via email: or click link below

Fall Qoya series with Sarah Grady

Find balance before the holiday frenzy this fall season with qoya

When: Tuesday 7:15 - 8:30pm

Dates: 11/7, 11/14, 11/21

Fee: Full series for $45 or a drop-in rate of $18

What is Qoya?

Qoya is movement with meaning based on the idea that through movement we remember. We remember our essence is wise, wild and free.

Wise, wild and free also draw reference to the movement forms that we practice in Qoya. Wise- the wisdom of yoga. Wild- the creative expression in dance. Free- expanding our capacity to enjoy being in our body through sensual movement.

Qoya classes and movements combine the traditional benefits of fitness — strength, flexibility, balance, endurance, and agility training — with a unique empowering approach that is feminine, expressive, and, most importantly, fun.

Sarah Grady is an intuitive counselor who blends her work in drama therapy, shamanic healing and Qoya. Her work is heart focused and rooted in assisting women remember their Divinity, Power, and Pleasure through unique embodiment techniques. Sarah holds a Masters in Counseling Psychology with an emphasis in Drama Therapy from CIIS and has trained extensively in the Infinity Healing Practice, Qoya and Grief work. She draws upon all of these worlds to weave a dynamic healing practice that is both grounded and Spiritual. Her work is about creating more spaciousness in the body and mind so that every woman can begin to take up more and more of their rightful spaciousness on the planet!

November classes w/ Dominique Warfield


-N O V E M B E R weekly classes-

Morning Movement: Wednesdays at 10am

We will open into the body through yogic movement as a warm up.

As the energy begins to rise, the mystery will unfold through us via free form dance, drumming, and opening the voice. We end the practice grounding through Thai-massage.


It’s unique.


Dances: Wednesdays at 5:30pm

We will explore a range of movement that will open the body, sharpen the brain and lift the spirit.

We will explore body rhythms and the voice.

We will explore movement sequences, inspired from different cultures across the globe.

Please bring: movable attire. bring water.

Pricing: sliding scale: $10-20

Please arrive on time and be mindful of downtown parking. 

Sign up via MindBody


Treat yourself to the perfect relaxing session
Sunday, October 8th 5pm - 7pm

Yoga & Acupuncture is back by popular demand with Rebecca Holmes & Sara Mills! This special event will encompass a restorative yoga class followed by a relaxing & supportive acupuncture treatment! Rebecca Holmes, RYT500 will be leading the yoga class and licensed acupunturist, Sara Mills with The Acupuncture Center of Asheville will be providing the acupunture treatments during savasana. All levels are welcome and no prior experience is necessary.

Pricing: $35 per person


Sign up for December 3rd:

Please note: Space is LIMITED to 12 people per session
Upcoming Dates:
November 12th & December 3rd

November Cacao Ceremony with Binah Love


November ~ Cacao Ceremony ~ with Sacred Cacao

Join us in this month's Sacred Cacao Ceremony for a time of ritual, clearing & healing through the magic and power of cacao medicine, prayer & sacred song.

Every practice of returning to the heart, returning to the moment and remembering unity, is precious during these times of rapid expansion & transformation. The beauty that surrounds us is without measure! but have we tuned our dials to walk the beauty way? to see each other fully and to embrace the flowering of divinty in our lives?

The medicine of cacao is a plant spirit alley that walks hand in hand with us as individuals, to clear the way to more direct experience of beauty, connection and divinity. Used in ceremony, along with sacred song and prayer work, this medicine assists us in the journey to the inner chambers of our own holy hearts.

Come sit with us in ceremony and bring your best and your worst, what you are ready to release and that which you are ready to experience more of...let your voice be heard in the presence of our awakening collective and within a sacred container!

Ceremony is a time to celebrate in life and spirit, and it is also a time to clear what no longer serves, to heal & to let go.
May we be the Medicine!

**Please bring your favorite mug, items for the altar and any instrument you would like to play or any other offering that speaks to what is on your heart at this time ♥**

Sunday November 26th
1pm - 5pm
Sliding scale $25 - $55
**Space is limited. Online tickets available here:

Contact: Phone 828.785.3041 or Email 📧


BODYLOVE with Casey Urban

BODYLOVE” is a 2 hour body positive yoga workshop.  In this workshop students will receive a powerful yoga class focused on a specific sequence of postures that will help promote positive body image through awareness and breath.  Students will work on specific postures and ancient breathing exercises they can use on and off the mat to move negative energy and old belief systems out of the body.  The class will be about an hour and a half.  In the last 30 minutes, there will be a discussion where Casey will allow students to ask questions about her past eating disorder and how the Body Positive movement has helped to change her life.  She will also address what we can do as a community to increase our positive body image despite the media’s impossible standards.

In collaboration with Blue Ridge Hemp Co., Casey will be incorporating their CBD topical products into class! Blue Ridge Hemp will be there with giveaways to 20 participants. Class space is limited! 

We are both grateful and excited to partner with one of our beloved local companies! ♥

Class time:
Saturday, December 2nd
1 - 3pm

More info about Casey
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