Class Descriptions

Extreme Beginners Yoga

Let’s go back to where it all starts, the foundation. Building healthy habits, and perhaps ditching some as well, this class is designed to help you build a safe, strong, and stable foundation in your practice. Whether you are brand new to the mat, or a seasoned practitioner, we will work together on refining alignment, transitions, and basic breathing techniques.

Flow & Yin

All Levels Flow & Yin is similar to All Levels Flow, except with a little bit more quiet time! It is a great class for someone who wants 50% movement and 50% slowing down + deep stretching. We'll move around just enough to build some heat and then follow the movement with a relaxing, quiet, slow-paced, stretching style of yoga. Yin poses are held for a little bit longer: 45 seconds - 5 minutes at a time. 

Gentle Yoga & Sound

A practical approach to yoga for every body, utilizing asanas (postures), pranayama (breath control), and mudras (hand gestures) to take a journey into the inner body. Variations are always provided, this class is suitable for all practitioners from beginners through advanced. Explore aromatherapy during savasana with essential Oils. Your body and mind will feel refreshed and renewed!

Powerful Flow

Join us for this higher energy, all levels vinyasa yoga class. This class includes pranayama (breathwork), a creative vinyasa sequence, and a chance to challenge yourself in your asana (posture) practice! We will build energy through combination of strengthening, challenging, and balancing asanas. This class incorporates a 10-15 minute de-stress period that may include meditation, pranayama and savasana.

Yoga Lunch Break

This 45min express class is for beginners and practicing yogis, alike! In this vinyasa (aka flow) class, we will move through Sun Salutations, connecting the breath with movement. There will be a combination of balancing asanas/postures, yoga core/back strength exercises, heart opening, pranayama (yogic breathing practices), hip stretches and a nice, final relaxation (savasana). Modifications to poses will be offered for all levels. Beginners are welcome and encouraged to try this class! Please note: Each teacher has a different "spin" on Yoga Lunch Break! They teach from their own practice, so if you have any questions, please contact us.