Class Descriptions

Acro for Every Body

This fun and unique class is the perfect way for you to learn acro from the ground up, refine skills, and experience a variety of different acro lineages! Each week, a different local instructor will lead the class, offering you a wide range of styles and skills. You will learn to base, fly, and spot the foundational poses of partner acrobatics and AcroYoga, while having fun and working out! Open to all levels. No partner required!

Instructors: Cassidy Walpole, Cassie Drew, Megan Hislop, Amy Longcrier, Lyle Mitchell

All Levels Acro Fusion

In this wonderful all-levels class, you’ll be given a fusion of styles of different forms of acrobatics. L-basing flows, pops and washing machines, standing acrobatics, adagio, group work, and hand to hand are some of the things that will be explored. This is a great way to improve your growing acro practice and to learn with other acrobats in the community! No partner required to attend.

All Levels Flow

This class is for beginners and practicing yogis, alike! During this Ashtanga-Inspired vinyasa class, we will move through Sun Salutations, connecting the breath with movement. There will be a combination of balancing asanas/postures, yoga core/back strength exercises, heart opening, pranayama (yogic breathing practices), hip stretches and a nice final relaxation. Modifications to poses will be offered for all levels. Beginners are welcome and encouraged to try this class!

Animal Flow®

Animal Flow is a system of movement inspired by some of nature's best movers. It's a system of animal based movements that build strength, flexibility, and coordination. Fun, challenging, and a great addition to any workout routine. If you're looking to build core strength, flexibility, work on coordination, or just want to crawl around like an animal, come play!

Buddhi Yoga

Looking for high energy movement and the  feeling of being free? You’ll love this class! Expect to sweat, move, strengthen, open up space in your body while having fun! Buddhi Yoga is an alchemy inspired dance, comprised of the breath, asana, and movement. It is a practice created around releasing Shakti energy.

Chakras, Handstands & Stuff

A class about all things movement: the movement of energy within the body and the movement of the body through space...and stuff. Each week will incorporate different movement modalities such as primal movements, single leg  balance work, yoga, quigona, and of course HANDSTANDS! After moving externally, the focus shifts to more internal work; using the awareness within to gently move energy around the body and channeling the life force that flows within us. Join Farrell on Sunday mornings for a high vibe, 75 min, interactive-style class that is both unique and creative.

Energizing Flow

Need a midday pick-me-up? Join us for this high-er energy, all levels vinyasa yoga class! We will have fun music, creative vinyasa sequences, and a chance to challenge yourself in this practice! We will build energy through combination of strengthening, challenging, and balancing asanas (postures). This class incorporates a 10-15 minute de-stress period including meditation, pranayama and savasana.

Extreme Beginners Yoga

Let’s go back to where it all starts, the foundation. Building healthy habits, and perhaps ditching some as well, this class is designed to help you build a safe, strong, and stable foundation in your practice. Whether you are brand new to the mat, or a seasoned practitioner, we will work together on refining alignment, transitions, and basic breathing techniques.

Foam Rolling Therapeutics

We’ll look at how a foam roller and other Self-Myofascial Release (SMR) techniques can:

~ Help to relieve muscular tension
~ Improve mobility and flexibility
~ Reduce the risk of injury
~ Improve blood flow
~ Relieve stress

In this class we will have an array of options to cater to your body. And you'll walk out feeling refreshed, restored, and ready for your next cardio, TRX, or yoga class!

(Foam rollers & yoga mats are provided but feel free to bring your own!)

Gentle Yoga

A practical approach to yoga for every body, utilizing asanas (postures), pranayama (breath control), and mudras (hand gestures) to take a journey into the inner body. Variations are always provided, this class is suitable for all practitioners from beginners through advanced. Explore aromatherapy during savasana with essential Oils. Your body and mind will feel refreshed and renewed!

Guided Meditation

45 minutes guided meditation. We'll be engaging with chakras, pranayama, mantra and mudra. Overall, a relaxation into stillness and vibrance. This is a great practice for those who are new to meditation.


Hooping meets yoga! Find your center & flow with this synergistic combination! This class will help you to loosen your spine, tighten your core, improve posture, reduce back pain, and support healthy digestion and fluid circulation.

Bring your own hoop OR use one of ours!

Prenatal Yoga

This class will work to build strength, stamina, and balance to help support your body and your baby throughout pregnancy. Prenatal yoga helps strengthen the uterus and pelvic floor muscles, improve circulation, aid in digestion, exercise the spine and increase overall comfort during pregnancy. Yoga can also alleviate many of the discomforts of pregnancy such as nausea, constipation, varicose veins, swelling, back pain and sciatica. This class also provides a safe space for expecting mothers to connect with other moms-to-be. Learn techniques that focus on posture, breathing and meditation to bring awareness to the mind, body and spirit, and deepen your connection with your baby.

Restorative Yoga

Ease into your week with relaxing breath-based movement. You'll be guided through slow, simple yoga postures that are accessible to all levels and abilities. The second half of class will encompass longer hold supported poses followed by an extended guided savasana. Special requests for yoga asana (posture) are welcome in this class. Set your intention to relax.

Subtle Body Yoga

This is a Parayoga-inspired class in the tradition of Sri Vidya Tantra. In this class, we use movement, breathwork, mantra, & meditation to access the subtle levels of prana & activate inner alchemy. This is yoga as a spiritual experience - focusing on the subtle inner realms, as well as moving & directing prana through asana & breath.

United We Handstand

Do you want to up your handstand game & condition like an acrobat? This class will focus on the strength, flexibility, partner work and spotting required to obtain, maintain and improve your handstand. This will be a fast moving class full of strength drills, core work, flexibility work and technique drills. 90 min class
*Most of this class does not require inverting. Aka, you're not on just your hands the entire class. Students will be introduced to skills that will help strengthen the muscles needed to embody a straight body handstand! This is a great class AND a great workout!

Vinyasa Lite

Start your work day feeling like the sun: full of energy and warmth! This class is accessible to all levels: new to yoga or seasoned practitioners. To begin, will incorporate gentle movement and breathing exercises.  We'll move and flow in and out of traditional yoga postures, experience strengthening, dynamic movement, and holds. Learn how to move your breath as you flow through this class! Expect a mixture of gentle yoga and vinyasa (flow) yoga.