Class Descriptions

45 Minute Core

In this class, we will focus on strengthening and lengthening the front and back body. Open to all levels of yoga and exercise, this class is both challenging and fun. There will be a 5 minute to 10-minute relaxation at the end of class. Prior experience with yoga or exercise is helpful to retrieve the full benefit of this class.

Astrology Circle

Astrology Circle is a gateway to working more with astrology for beginners and all experience levels. As a workshop and meetup, you'll learn how to work more with your own birth chart and the current transiting planets while connecting with fellow astrology enthusiasts. Bring a digital or paper copy of your chart with you for valuable personal information. You'll also receive an original moon calendar for the month that you'll be able to follow along with.

During the Circle, Cumulus will go over current and upcoming astrological transits and what they could symbolize, including group discussion about planetary energies and chart reading to help you work more with astrology on your own. Come with questions and share your personal perspectives on the energy.

Dates: Every Two Weeks

Flow & Yin

Flow & Yin is a great class for someone who wants 50% movement and 50% slowing down + deep stretching. We'll move around just enough to build some heat and then follow the movement with a relaxing, quiet, slow-paced, stretching style of yoga. Yin poses are held for a little bit longer: 45 seconds - 5 minutes at a time. This is an accessible class for all levels of practitioners.

Gentle Yoga & Yin

This class will blend yang and yin poses to help create a deeper sense of balance mind, body and spirit. This class is a combination of dynamic movement to warm the body through the joints, muscles and fascia followed by holding various yin poses to allow deeper alignment and elongation to stimulate the meridian and chakra systems nourishing the subtle body.

Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan is the Yoga of awareness. Often referred to as a science of angles, it is a sacred path to the uncoiling of your consciousness and your full potential through the science of postures, meridian point activation, mantra and breath. Steven’s big focus on teaching are the pattern and habit shifting aspects of the practice. Steven chooses sets that range anywhere easy to challenging, but the class remains an all levels class as Steven wants Kundalini Yoga to be accessible to every body.

Please note: Class is 90 min, Tuesdays 5:45pm - 7:15pm. Special rate: $10-20 sliding scale per class. Class packages/memberships not accepted for this class only.

Lakulish Yoga

A type of Hatha Yoga, Lakulish Yoga is ultimately interested in enlisting the help of Kundalini — the Divine energy in all of us. This sequence of Hatha Yoga postures is practiced with willful intention and meditative awareness. Breathwork is also a focus! This sequence is designed to awaken prana shakti (life force energy) and bring you to inner awareness. These gentle poses improve circulation and range of motion in joints; relieve stress and bring you in closer touch with your body. Proper breathing also helps to build energy and clear the mind. Yoga’s real purpose is still realizable today; that is, to find freedom from our minds and egos and discover our higher selves. When union with our higher selves and the Divine is restored, we experience love and joy — the real things that make life worth living. This sequence is appropriate for all levels; beginners are encouraged to attend.

Yoga Lunch Break

This 45 min express class is for beginners and practicing yogis, alike! In this vinyasa (aka flow) class, we will move through modified Sun Salutations, connecting the breath with movement. There will be a combination which may or may not include: balancing asanas/posutures, yoga core/back strength exercises, heart opening , pranayama (yogic breathing practices), hip stretches and a nice, final relaxation (savasana). Modifications to poses will be offered to accommodate all levels. Beginners are welcome and encouraged to try this class.

Yoga Restore

45 minute class focused on restorative, stretching & unwinding the body. This class will utilize props such as bolsters, straps, acupressure balls & blocks. No previous experience required. This class is open to all levels.